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History of In-Home Care from Home Care Assistance in Lincoln, NE

We have been there, too. We understand.

After five years as the sole caregiver to my mother, an Alzheimer’s sufferer, stress finally took its toll on my father. When he became extremely ill, I did what many out-of-town daughters do. I searched for a facility to move my parents to so they could receive care. From my home in Nebraska, I researched options for my parents, who live in Georgia. My father told me, in no uncertain terms, “No, I am not moving. Figure out another option.” He clearly understood what I didn’t – no assisted living facility or nursing home could provide him and my mother the level of independence, control, dignity and peace of mind they desired and deserved.

Through necessity and desperation, my family discovered home care and the inherent freedom and flexibility associated with remaining in your own home with one-on-one personal care. At about the same time, I realized a friend’s passion for enriching elders’ lives was as deep as mine.

These two events formed a turning point in my life. My friend and I formed a partnership and founded Home Care Assistance of Nebraska. We believe, when done correctly and with a focus on whole-person care, in-home care services dramatically enhance the lives of older adults and their families. My absolutely amazing partner, Amy Harris, and I are dedicated to ensuring our clients benefit from the lessons my father taught about independence, control, dignity and peace of mind throughout the aging process.

Home Care Assistance of Nebraska: Partners

Matt Nyberg, Partner

Matt Home Care Lincoln

Matt provides strategic, financial and operational leadership.  In addition to ensuring we fulfill the company’s mission to “Change the way the world ages”, Matt’s passion is to create a great place to work for all Home Care Assistance people.  He explained, “Our people provide incredible care for our clients every day; I think it is only fair to make sure they feel valuable and cared for as well.”  Prior to HCA, Matt enjoyed a 25-year career in the manufacturing sector holding positions in sales, marketing, finance, procurement and general management.  Matt is also active in a wide variety of public service, church and academic organizations.

Amy Harris, Partner

Amy Home Care Lincoln

Amy oversees client care and caregiver hiring, training and client-caregiver matching.   From first assessment to on-going client careplan evaluation, Amy seeks to understand client needs and to assure each person receives the highest level of care.  She has an extensive background working with caregivers and elders, including advanced training in Hospice, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s care.  “I am passionate about caring for older adults.  Through emphasizing physical and mental exercise, healthy diets, social engagement and fostering a sense of purpose, we can encourage healthy aging, and longevity.  We want to help change the way the world ages,” commented Amy.

Home Care Assistance is North America’s premier provider of 24/7 in-home care for seniors.  Our mission is to change the way the world ages. We provide older adults with whole-person, individualized care that enables them to live happier, healthier lives at home. Our services are distinguished by the caliber of our caregivers, the responsiveness of our staff and our expertise in live-in care. We embrace a positive, balanced approach to aging centered on the evolving needs of older adults.

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