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Home Care Assistance of Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln Senior Care

24-Hour Care

24-hour home care offers seniors the opportunity to age in place, in a familiar home environment surrounded by their cherished memories. Around-the-clock care is a great alternative to assisted living facilities or retirement homes.

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Lincoln Senior Home Care

Hourly Care

Hourly home care is not only used to enhance the lives of our senior clients, but the lives of their families as well. Hourly care can provide family caregivers with time to attend to their own needs and personal obligations.

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Lincoln Home Care

Dementia & Alzheimer's

Home Care Assistance proudly trains our caregivers in the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ so that clients can receive one-to-one cognitive stimulation as well as support with basic care and activities of daily living– at no additional cost.

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Home Care Assistance of Nebraska

Lee Nyberg
Vice President, Education
and Outreach

Amy Harris
Vice President, Client Care

We have been there, too. We understand.

After five years of caregiving for my mother, an Alzheimer’s sufferer, stress finally took its toll on my father. When he became extremely ill, I did what many out-of-town daughters do.  I searched for a facility to move my parents into so they could receive care, believing this was my only option.  From my home in Nebraska, I researched facilities for my parents, who live in Georgia.  My father told me, in no uncertain terms, "No, I am not moving. Figure out something else.

He clearly understood what I didn’t – no assisted living facility or nursing home could provide him and my mother the level of independence, control, dignity and peace of mind they desired and deserved. Through necessity and desperation, my family discovered home care and the inherent freedom and flexibility associated with remaining in your own home with one-on-one personal care.

At about the same time, I realized a friend’s passion for enriching elders’ lives was as deep as mine. She had been working in a nursing care facility and saw the need for a better way to care for older adults who need more than basic companion services.

These two events formed a turning point in my life.  My friend, Amy Harris, and I formed a partnership and founded Home Care Assistance of Nebraska.  We believe, when done correctly and with a focus on whole-person care, in-home care services dramatically enhance the lives of older adults and their families.  My absolutely amazing partner, Amy, and I are dedicated to ensuring our clients benefit from the lessons my father taught about independence, control, dignity and peace of mind throughout the aging process.

--Lee Nyberg


What is Unique About Home Care Assistance?

Balanced Care Method™ – Our holistic, evidence-based Balanced Care Method encourages a nutritious diet, regular physical activity, mental and social stimulation, and cultivating a sense of purpose to promote overall wellbeing and longevity.

Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ – While all seniors benefit from our science-based Cognitive Therapeutics Method, it was specifically designed to slow mental decline in seniors with memory impairment through activities targeting attention, visual-spatial perception, language, memory, and executive functioning.

Communities We Serve:

  • Lincoln, Omaha and Surrounding Areas

Home Care Assistance of Lincoln, Nebraska

Enabling seniors and older adults to lead a happy, healthy, and independent lifestyle from the comfort of home.

Home Care Assistance – A Trusted Name

Home Care Assistance is the recognized leader in providing exceptional care to seniors in Lincoln. As a result of our credibility and reputation, we are the preferred choice of home care for medical and health care professionals. We have developed a reputable relationship with the professionals in the medical community and that is why when hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers and assisted living facilities need exceptional home care, they rely on Home Care Assistance.

Live-In Care or 24 Hour Home Care is Our Specialty

At Home Care Assistance, we are the live-in care experts. Our caregivers are trained in providing round-the-clock, 24 hour home care. Families choose Home Care Assistance for live-in care because of our revolutionary home care method (The Balanced Care Method™). We train our caregivers in the importance of healthy nutrition, physical exercise, mental simulation and the benefits of social interactions for seniors. Our care approach is focused on the overall well-being of seniors and peace of mind for their families.

With Lincoln In Home Care Services There Are No Hidden Fees.

Lincoln Home Care Assistance offers a flat rate fee structure. There are no hidden fees. Neither do we charge additional fees for short notice, last minute care requests. We believe in 100% client satisfaction and, therefore, do not require any long-term contracts or commitments.

Meet Our Staff

  • Amy Harris ▸
    Vice President, Client Care
  • Lee Nyberg ▸
    Vice President, Education and Outreach
  • Stephanie ▸
    Director, Client Care


“I couldn’t function without my Home Care Assistance caregiver. We research diabetic meals on the computer and in my 100’s of cookbooks. Then, we cook! We even made “lefsa”, a Norwegian specialty, for my family at Christmas. We have a lot of fun; we’re both huge football fans. She goes with me to my doctor’s appointments and keeps me on my med schedule. I know my caregiver cares about me, as a person.”
— Larry, Lincoln, Nebraska

"As an only child with elderly parents, one with dementia, I can take care of most of their needs like appointments and shopping. But when I need help on occasion, Home Care Assistance has been able to assist with any task, large or small. My parents absolutely love the caregivers and rave about their caring approach. It’s also nice to know that if my parents need care on a more regular basis, they will be able to help then too. Having Home Care Assistance at hand makes me looks like a very smart daughter!"
— Carol, Lincoln, Nebraska

“We were impressed with the balanced approach to care, and their genuine effort to get to know my mom and find a caregiver best suited for her needs.”
— Sessional Instructor
Dept. of Counseling Psychology, UBC

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