Senior Living: Wise Words

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Talking with seniors is a chance to witness living history, to hear first hand reflections of what it was like to be in the Korean War, or what it felt like to sneak a transistor radio into your room so you could be the first of your friends to listen to rock and roll without parents censoring your music.   I love my job; I come into the presence of many wonderful seniors through providing in-home care.  My senior clients have been powerful teachers. Here’s a bit of what they’ve conveyed.

  1. As I’ve gotten older, I realize listening is much more important than talking.   –Jennie, 90
  2. Relationships take work. They’re worth it. –Murray, 86
  3. I am not my chronic illness. –Helen, 71
  4. Burnt out caregivers should take a break. –Gus, 75
  5. Judging others is pointless. Do you know the other person’s whole story? You can’t possibly. -–Sam 95
  6. Help your family, plan for your future while you still can make choices. –Alice, 80
  7. Give something to someone else every chance you get.  A smile, a joke, a little help, a sympathetic ear, or encouragement. These are worthwhile.  –Leala, 93
  8. Find your sense of humor. Use it, you’ll feel better and everyone around you will be happier. –Bonita, 78
  9. Humans are adaptable people.  We can survive a lot more than we think we can. –Ben, 89, Veteran, Army
  10. Just because someone is old doesn’t mean they are wise. Some are, some aren’t. It’s like everything: we’re all different. –Joe, 81
  11. Look for the best in people. –Sarah, 75
  12. Don’t get married too soon. But when you do, love your spouse. –Anthony, 92, Married 53 years.

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