How to Get Started With Home Care Services

Aging is never easy. It presents many challenges both to the senior and to the person responsible for providing home care services. If you’re taking care of a loved one in your family, you’ll need all the help you can get.

At Home Care Assistance we’re the leading provider of home care services in Lincoln, NE, and throughout the surrounding areas. We understand that every family has its own unique set of needs, so we’ll work with you to ensure that your loved one has all the help and support they require.

Start With a Home Care Free Consultation

If you think you’d benefit from home care services from Home Care Assistance, give us a call and we’ll schedule a free consultation. We’ll use this initial meeting to educate ourselves regarding your loved one’s situation so we can customize our services to meet their individual needs. The consultation is also an excellent opportunity for you to ask us anything that crosses your mind. We want to make absolutely sure that we’re providing the finest services possible, and we value open communication between ourselves and our clients.

A few of the topics we’ll cover at the consultation include:

  • Expectations regarding senior care.
  • Scheduling, including the length of each visit.
  • The process of rescheduling visits.
  • Your loved one’s mobility and their need for assistance.
  • Your senior’s daily routine requirements.
  • Medications as well as dietary restrictions.
  • The monitoring of any chronic conditions.
  • Dementia-related issues.

Choosing a Home Care Professional

We appreciate the importance of working with a home caregiver that you like and that you can trust. We’ll use the consultation process to learn as much as we can about your loved one’s needs as well as their personality, so we can find the ideal match from among our staff of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

To learn more about how we can help your family with home care services, contact Home Care Assistance of Lincoln, NE, today.

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