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At Home Care Assistance, we believe in providing superior service to all of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and strong reputation as the live-in specialists make us the premier home care company in North America. Read what our clients are saying about the quality of our care:

Home Care Assistance Client Reviews

We are thankful for your [the entire caregiver team] attentiveness to Mom. There is little doubt you have not only extended her life, but also extended the quality of her life.

— A client’s son, WB.

The home care workers who take care of my parents are excellent. They take such good care of them. They are there for my mom and will keep her occupied with puzzles and crafts during the day. She really likes them and she is very picky! When we have needed someone to stay the night with my mom, they have been more than willing to stay with her.

— Karen C.

“Home Care Assistance has provided the utmost care for my wife for the past three plus years and I couldn’t be happier with the services they provide. They’ve become like family and I can’t imagine there being any better resources available for the type of care that they give.”

— Leo N.

“They [Home Care Assistance] have been a life saver. My mom calls them her little angels. Just their being there has helped me and my sibling, we don’t worry about mom at all. They have become part of the family. They are all very loving and caring. It’s so nice they match the caregivers to the client. I have nothing but wonderful positive things to say about their services. Won’t use any other care provider. We have but never been this happy. I’m hard to please, because I was a nurse and expect a lot. They were also fast at getting the services started. They always keep you up to date on what is going [on].”

— Donna E-H.

“The staff and caregivers from Home Care Assistance have been a blessing to our family during the past eight months. When Dad fell and needed to be hospitalized, my brother-in-law did extensive research to find an in-home provider to care for our 96-year old mother who was still at home. We settled on Home Care Assistance and are so glad we did. Within days we were making plans for caregivers to meet Mom’s daily needs while Dad was away. Dad eventually returned home and within 10 days, Mom had fallen and passed away. It has been a struggle for all of us, but the caregivers from HCA have helped us through some very difficult times. Dad appreciates the companionship as well as their attending to his daily needs and we have the peace of mind knowing Dad is being cared for by individuals who have become more like family than company employees. We highly recommend Home Care Assistance for those who are wanting to keep their loved ones in their own homes. It is a blessing indeed!”

— Bonnie P.

Provided excellent 24/7 care for my mother. All caregivers were extremely competent and caring. Made that last month of her life as pleasant as possible. Gave me peace of mind. Highly recommend.

Posted by Laurie Young

“On the advice of a friend we contacted Home Care Assistance to help us with Mom at a time when we were also losing a brother to cancer. I could not have expected more than what HCA delivered. They came into my Mom’s home and wrapped their arms around my Mom and kept her safe (24 hours a day) so we could be with my brother’s family at his passing. My mom’s health had declined so quickly that same month that we needed the extra care that HCA gave so professionally and personally. My mom never felt like she didn’t have a “friend” staying with her. They were invaluable in helping us select a long term care facility and on to Hospice care when the time came. We were truly blessed with their compassion and professionalism.”

— Duane Mundt

“Home Care Assistance took fantastic care of our mother during her last few months. Shortly after her diagnosis of a brain tumor, my brothers and I realized we could not take care of mom by ourselves. HCA was there the next day to set things up and put together a team of caregivers so mom could receive the around-the-clock care she needed. They cooked for her, cleaned, assisted with medications and therapy, helped her during the night and, most importantly, cared about her. We never could have made it through those last months without HCA’s help and care. They allowed us to spend quality time with our mom, rather than spend all our time taking care of her. My brothers and I highly recommend Home Care Assistance of Nebraska.

Again, thank you for all the help in caring for our mom.”

— Kevin, Mark and Chip Fullerton

“I hope my staff knows their job as well as you know Mom. You are “spot on” with Mom’s tendencies as well as her wants and needs (whether physical, mental or emotional). You can’t imagine our relief knowing Mom is in good hands.”

— Bill B., Client’s Son

“Your direct help to get Mother home and comfortable was perfect. You listened to Mother and encouraged her in just the right way. Your knowledge of working with the nurses was also top-notch. It is a lot of work, but you make it look easy. Thank you again, for your professionalism.”

— Kit S., Client’s Daughter

“Caregivers is an appropriate name for the team supporting Mom.  The laughter, the banter, the cheering for and bragging on Mom’s ‘steps forward’, the concern – Mom’s caregivers surely have servant hearts.  The one-on-one attention from the entire HCA team, including [the Care Managers],  has truly enriched Mom’s quality of life; we are blessed.”

— Donna M., Omaha

“We have been so thankful for Home Care Assistance.  After a 10-day hospital stay, my mother was sent to a rehabilitation facility.  Her health really declined rapidly.  We thought she would have to go to a nursing home.  Instead, we worked with Home Care Assistance.  They found caregivers who fit well with Mom, helped her increase her strength and stamina and generally improved her quality of life.  She is so happy now: getting out and visiting her neighbors.  She has returned to being “Mom” to some degree. Home Care Assistance made all the difference.”

— Linda, Omaha, Nebraska

“I couldn’t function without my Home Care Assistance caregiver. We research diabetic meals on the computer and in my 100’s of cookbooks. Then, we cook! We even made “lefsa”, a Norwegian specialty, for my family at Christmas. We have a lot of fun; we’re both huge football fans. She goes with me to my doctor’s appointments and keeps me on my med schedule. I know my caregiver cares about me, as a person.”

— Larry, Lincoln, Nebraska

“As an only child with elderly parents, one with dementia, I can take care of most of their needs like appointments and shopping. But when I need help on occasion, Home Care Assistance has been able to assist with any task, large or small. My parents absolutely love the caregivers and rave about their caring approach. It’s also nice to know that if my parents need care on a more regular basis, they will be able to help then too. Having Home Care Assistance at hand makes me looks like a very smart daughter!”

— Carol, Lincoln, Nebraska

“My sincere thanks to you and your staff at Home Care Assistance for coming to my 11th hour rescue back in May. Your Caregiver helped me shower daily, made my bed, prepared meals and did some food shopping, light cleaning and the laundry. She was a gem, always on time, and her manner and demeanor exhibited her many years of experience as an expert Caregiver. She was dependable, calm, caring and trust worthy. I also enjoyed her lovely sense of humor. I also salute you for your flexibility in making the effort to accommodate a prospective client at the “last minute,” as well as your reasonable cost for the excellent care received.”

— Patricia L. Waller, Retired U.S. Diplomat

“My wife Carol had a hard two-year struggle with incurable cancer, declining steadily until life was hardly more than a pin-hole. The last year I arranged for a caretaker for weekdays, and had help from my daughters, but in the final month they needed help as well and I was no longer able to handle weekends and nights. We contacted Home Care Assistance, who provided round-the-clock attendants. I cannot really find the words to say how wonderful they were: highly competent, comforting and caring, endlessly patient and reassuring. They became family friends. Carol passed away – thankfully, in peace – clutching in her hand a little soft animal that one of the attendants had given her. It was symbolic of the relationship that had developed. I cannot praise and thank them enough.”

— Dr. Noam Chomsky

“I work frequently with older adults. Many need help with activities of daily living, especially meal preparation, so I am excited to learn about the Balanced Care Method™ for caregivers. The information in the training manual about a healthy diet reflects the latest research, and the fact that it is based on the habits of the long-lived elders of Okinawa is very inspiring.”

— Laurie Steinberg

“Home Care Assistance raises exactly the right banner in promoting The Balanced Care Method as the foundation for all good care. In the rush of medical care systems that focus almost exclusively on problems, The Balanced Care Method encourages an approach which emphasizes creating strengths. For centuries we have known that better health in aging is tied to physical, emotional, social, and spiritual factors. Regardless of diseases, building on these basics of good health matters.

But beyond creating strengths for elders, families that emphasize Balanced Care will come to work together and understand more clearly how to cope with medical problems and illnesses. The secret is in the strength of the foundation of care. The rest then comes into clearer perspective; complex situations and decision-making during this time of life are better understood and engaged. Home Care Assistance is about foundation-building-for elders, families, supportive friends and, ultimately, for your health care team.”

— Dr. Dennis McCullough

“It all starts with their management. They are excellent at communication. They consistently stay in touch with any pertinent information such as schedule changes and aide information. Perhaps most importantly, they listen and respond to concerns.

I have been impressed with their ability to identify aides that will match up well with me. The aides they select do quality work and are good people.

I would highly recommend to anyone to give strong consideration to allow them to provide you with care.”

— Thomas, Lincoln

“As Dad’s health declined Home Care Associates moved smoothly to 24/7 home care. They wove this around Dad’s two long-term part-time people to enhance his comfort. The staff was compassionate and well trained. They communicated well amongst themselves and allowed him to maximize his independence.”

— Tom T., Lincoln

“Mom has always been a very independent person, used to doing thing her way and only her way. I find it so refreshing that you and your assistants take care of Mom using the minimum amount of interference with her daily life. It must be challenging but Mom needs the care whether she knows it or not and I am very pleased by the way you go about it.”

— Marty, Lincoln

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