Tips for Seniors Who are Quitting Smoking

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Quitting smoking is always a challenge, especially for senior who may have been smoking for decades. Seniors struggling with changing this habit may battle against difficulties like increased levels of stress associated with quitting and the tendency to be set in their ways. Lincoln Home Care Assistance offers these tips you can share with your loved one to help him or her on the journey to a smoke-free lifestyle.

Post a list of positives

These include the blood oxygen level returning to normal in 12 hours, decreased risk of heart attack in three months, and the risk for heart disease dropping to the rate of non-smokers after one year. These improvements, posted where they will be seen often, can be positive reinforcement.

Take a walk

Whenever a cigarette craving hits, taking a walk will not only remind your loved one of the bonus of less fatigue when active, it will give the body time to adjust to missing the nicotine fix.

Break behavior routines

Many times smokers have set times or places where they ordinarily smoke. Instead of continuing with these customs, watch a different TV show, avoid that patio where smoking is frequent, or even suggest visiting with a friend or family member to help keep the mind from focusing on smoking.

Add other healthy habits

Simply quitting anything is hard if the behavior is not replaced with something positive. Your loved one can try eating a piece of fruit, doing a few reps of an easy exercise, or meditating for a few minutes.

Ask for help

Going it alone is tough. Make sure your loved one has all the support he or she needs while kicking this long-standing habit to the curb. You might even consider hourly home care in Lincoln to provide support while you’re unavailable.

Giving up smoking is hard at any age and can pose additional challenges for seniors who’ve been dependent on the habit for most of their lives. If your senior loved one could use assistance kicking this habit to the curb, consider seeking help from a Lincoln caregiver. At Home Care Assistance, our caregivers utilize the Balanced Care Method to promote a healthily lifestyle through diet, activity, calm and purpose, and socialization. With additional support and new, healthy habits to focus on, your loved one can take his or her first steps to a smoke-free life. For more information, please give us a call at (402) 817-1976 and speak with a friendly Care Manager.