Coping with Alzheimer’s Anger

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Every year millions of Americans are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s patients experience a wide range of symptoms including memory loss, confusion, cognitive impairment and personality or behavioral changes. Displaying anger and violence is common among Alzheimer’s patients and is often the most difficult change for families to cope with.

Seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease sometimes treat even their most loved family members with anger and violence. Common behaviors are bad-mouthing, hitting, grabbing, kicking, screaming and throwing objects. Family members can have difficulty dealing with these personality and behavioral changes, because their loved one does not seem to be themselves any more. However, it is important that families understand the Alzheimer’s patient isn’t to blame and that this new-found anger and violence does not define the person’s character.

If your loved one is experiencing Alzheimer’s symptoms and exhibiting violence towards you or other family members, Home Care Assistance in Lincoln can help. Our caregivers are highly trained in providing specialized home care for Alzheimer’s patients. Our live-in home care provides 24/7 monitoring and supervision for maximum safety. Each caregiver is compassionate, patient and loving towards their client. We understand the changes seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s are dealing with and help the family to cope with these changes as well.

Specialized Alzheimer’s care provides families with peace of mind knowing their loved one is receiving quality care and is safe in the comfort of their own home. We offer respite care and full time care for seniors. To learn more about the benefits of home care for Alzheimer’s patients, call 402 261-5158 and schedule your free in home consultation with our Care Manager.

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