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Learn more about our Enhanced Care senior monitoring technology.

If you are looking for the best way to keep your senior safe from harm as they age independently in their own home, we have a perfect senior monitoring program for you.

When other forms of senior monitoring, like wearable technology, fall short and cause issues, Home Care Assistance’s Stay Smart Care steps in to save the day. Our Enhanced Care program, offering you the latest and best in senior care technology.

For your senior to successfully age-in-place, we invite you to learn about our comprehensive in-home senior monitoring solutions. Read through our two packages below and see what best suits your family’s needs.

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Stay Active

The Stay Active package is the senior care technology that your senior will just love. With no wearable technology required, it is senior monitoring at its finest. Your senior doesn’t have to do anything at all!

Our system provides both your senior and the family with security and peace of mind. For example, if your senior should fall in their home, everyone can rest assured that help will be on the way. There are passive sensors working constantly to analyze activity and prevent future issues in the home from happening.

The “Stay Active” package includes:

  • Fall Detection
  • Smart Sensors
  • Medical Command Center
  • Mobile App for Family
  • Health Briefings from Alexa

Stay Healthy

Our Stay Healthy package helps you take it up a notch — it’s the smart senior care technology that lets your senior stay safe and independent. For your senior to age peacefully in-place, our comprehensive senior monitoring plan works for them. Utilizing health analyses, home activity data, Registered Nurse monitoring centers and more — this is the plan for them!

But the best part? There is no need for cameras or difficult technology required. Stay Health will keep all designated family members and caregivers updated.

The “Stay Healthy” package includes:

  • All of the items listed in the “Stay Active” package, plus…
  • Monitor Vital Signs
  • Medication List Monitoring
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Outbound Support & Check-In Calls
  • Comprehensive Monthly Reports

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