Live-In Care from Home Care Assistance in Lincoln, NE

Live-In Care Available in Lincoln, NE

Live-in care provides older adults with full-time assistance and around the clock care. A professional caregiver is always present to offer assistance with activities of daily living such as meal preparation, bathing and light housekeeping, as well as constant supervision for safety. With live-in care, families can enjoy peace of mind knowing that a professional, compassionate and reliable home care expert is watching over their loved one.

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Our Caregivers Offer Companionship and Emotional Support

Our experienced and professional caregivers are individuals who have dedicated their lives to providing exceptional care to their elderly clients. They become an integral part of their client’s daily life offering safety, compassion and companionship.

Live In Home Care Offers Consistency of Care to Seniors

At Home Care Assistance, we try our best to place the same caregiver or caregivers to ensure consistency of care and personal bonding for our senior clients.

Care Around the Clock 24 Hours a Day

With live-in care, a designated caregiver stays with the care recipient 24/7. Caregivers offer assistance in the morning, noon, at night and on the weekends. If a client needs live-in care seven days a week, we generally place a primary caregiver who provides care for four to five days a week and a secondary caregiver who covers the remainder of the week.

Live-In Caregivers Offer Maximum Professionalism

Live-in caregivers are allowed to stay on the premise of the client only during assigned days. No caregiver is permitted to use personal property which belongs to the client. They are prohibited from using the client’s phone, car or television during their stays.

Care is Not Limited to the Client’s Home

The care we provide is not restricted to the care recipient’s place of residence. Our caregivers can provide care and companionship wherever needed, assisting clients 24/7 in hospital settings, assisted living facilities and on travel or vacation.

Family Peace of Mind with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As a leader in the home care industry, we set standards for others to follow. We do not require any long term contracts and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our clients use our service as long as needed. To speak with a Care Manager, please call (402) 817-1976.

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