The Benefits of Support Groups for the Elderly with Degenerative Illnesses

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Seniors living with degenerative illnesses may feel lonely and misunderstood. Various symptoms associated with their disorder may cause fear and frustration, which could ultimately result in seniors becoming withdrawn and isolated. When you encourage your senior loved one to join a support group, he or she may find useful ways to cope and regain a sense of purpose. Providers of Lincoln live-in home care can explain the various ways that support groups are beneficial to seniors with disorders like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s.

Offers Socialization

If your elderly loved one leads a secluded life because of his or her disease, attending a support group provides the chance to once again have a social life. During the process of sharing their experiences with other group members, seniors have the chance to develop new friendships and associations that can relate to what they are going through. 

Provides Information

If the diagnosis is fairly recent, having other people to talk to who have a common understanding of the situation may be helpful because they can shed a light on the diagnosis. Seniors may then learn what to expect or how to handle symptoms or situations that may arise secondary to the illness. 

Enhances Emotional Health

For some, living with a chronic illness may lead to feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, fear and other negative emotions or thoughts. Becoming a member of a support group allows seniors the chance to openly express concerns and feelings without being judged. Sharing with others also helps reduce the chances of stress and depression. 

Introduces New Perspectives

By choosing to attend support group meetings, learning more about the illness and engaging in a social experience, seniors give themselves a renewed sense of control and empowerment over their lives and diagnosis. 

Supplements Home Support

In addition to attending a monthly, bi-monthly or weekly support group outside of the home, seniors may benefit from daily assistance from Lincoln live-in caregivers. Some may only need transportation to and from meetings. Others may benefit from having in-home help to accomplish household tasks or personal care regimens. 

If your senior loved one needs assistance around the house or transportation to and from support groups, Home Care Assistance can help. Our trained caregivers offer compassionate live-in and hourly home care in Lincoln, and we can help with everything from personal care to daily chores around the house. Call an experienced Care Manager today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our services.

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