10 Ways to Help Seniors Lower Their Fall Risks

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It is not uncommon to want the very best care possible for your aging loved one! From knowledgeable and compassionate caregivers to superior senior care, you want your senior to have it all. Safety should also be made a priority, especially if your senior is aging in the comfort of their own home! The last thing you want is for your senior to have an accident, like a fall, resulting in injury. Thankfully, there are plenty of tips you can take below to reduce your senior’s risk of a fall.

  1. Know Their Risk Factors. Your senior should schedule a doctor’s appointment to have their health assessed for any conditions, such as vision impairment, arthritis, or memory loss.
  2. Help Them Exercise. Get up and get moving! Help your senior find the right exercises to build their endurance and muscle strength.
  3. Check for Issues with Balance. Many times, your senior’s balance could be thrown off due to a disorder of the vestibular system. A doctor can perform a balance test.
  4. Get a Home Inspection. Schedule a fall-specific inspection for your senior’s home! A professional inspector can assess any fall risks that exist within the home.
  5. Review Their Medications. Some medications, when combined, can result in severe side effects. Have a doctor review your senior’s medications.
  6. Get Their Vision Checked Regularly. Your senior should receive regular vision exams to determine their eye health and ensure they can clearly see their surroundings.
  7. Give Them Proper Nutrition. A good diet is key to being strong! The right nutrients will aid in muscle and bone strength.
  8. Use Walking Aids. Does your senior use a cane or walker for mobility? Make sure they are using it property and it is fitted to them just right.
  9. Avoid Distracted Walking. Try to set some ground rules to avoid distractions while walking. For example, no smart phones in hand.
  10. Home Care Services. Add home care service to your senior’s routine. Caregivers can help ensure the ultimate safety in your senior’s home.

Would you like more information on how to best keep your senior loved one safe? Home Care Assistance of Lincoln and the surrounding cities is here for you! Reach out to our caregivers today for your consultation.

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