10 Healthy Snacks for Loved Ones in Senior Care

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Our aging loved ones in senior care may require special attention to nutritional care, too. Human bodies are at their best when fueled with an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, high-quality proteins, legumes, nuts, and seeds. That’s when we feel the best because essential vitamins and minerals are absorbed from our foods. Processed foods have low nutritional value and should only be eaten occasionally.

Long-term illnesses are prevalent in the elderly population of the U.S. Older adults are typically suffering from a variety of chronic diseases. Common problems include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Since lifestyle choices have a major effect on wellness, it’s important to be mindful about what our aging loved ones eat.

Adults in senior care will fare better with low-sugar, low-salt snacks provided between meals so that blood sugar levels remain stable throughout the day and energy levels are sustained. Additionally, people tend to eat less at the next meal if they have had healthy snacks. Adults in senior care should replace high-sodium or sugary foods with delicious healthy snacks.

Here’s a list of 10 healthy snacks for aging loved ones in senior care:

  1. Low-sodium crackers and cheese
  2. Pita bread with hummus (many varieties to choose from)
  3. Greek yogurt and apple slices
  4. Bell pepper with guacamole dip
  5. Boiled egg
  6. Sweet potato chips
  7. Toasted bagel with sliced avocado
  8. Handful of heart-healthy nuts
  9. A few slices of turkey breast
  10. Berries with cottage cheese

Everyone stays healthier and stronger when eating high-quality foods, but our older loved ones in senior care might have to be reminded or coaxed. Another important item that often needs a reminder is staying fully hydrated. It’s vital for hearts and brains. Aging adults report feeling better when ample fluids are consumed. Senior care patients can be encouraged to drink more by offering them flavored or fruit-infused waters.

There may be special nutritional requirements for your older loved one in senior care, but it’s a challenge attending to all the needs of someone you care deeply about. Contact Home Care Assistance today. Ask about the various types of assistance that may be available to you, so you can rest assured your loved one has the best of senior care.

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