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What is a PSAP and Who Can Use One?

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As a top provider of senior home care in Lincoln, we know it’s not uncommon for a senior loved one to experience trouble hearing. However, not all seniors who have trouble hearing need hearing aids. If you’re elderly relative needs a little extra help to hear the television or someone speaking on the phone, talk with his or her physician about using a PSAP.

What is a PSAP

A personal sound amplification product, or PSAP, is a low-cost hearing device that can be purchased in-store at a fairly small price. PSAPs are designed to amplify sounds for those with moderate hearing loss. The device makes it easier to hear people speak in large crowds or in noisy settings. It is important to note, however, that a personal sound amplification product is not the same as a hearing aid. Hearing aids are a far more sophisticated form of technology that are prescribed for use by people with diagnosed hearing loss.

The Benefits

Many PSAPs are designed specifically for the amplification of telephones and televisions. They help seniors with moderate hearing loss to tune into conversations and their favorite programs, even when there is considerable background noise. The major selling point for a personal sound amplifier is the fact that these devices are low in cost. Basic models can be purchased for as little as $20. While some of the higher-end designs might cost as much as $500, these units boast an impressive range of features like the ability to provide amplification to higher frequencies, making normal speech much easier to understand. Many of the top designs can be worn in-ear, much like a traditional hearing aid.

The Drawbacks

Although the relatively nominal cost of a PSAP is a strong selling point, this is also considered to be a drawback among medical professionals. Due to cost concerns, more seniors are self-diagnosing and self-treating their sensory problems. Thus, the availability of this technology could discourage seniors from getting the professional treatment they need. Ultimately, working with an audiologist to find a feasible and affordable solution for any amount of hearing loss remains the best way to deal with hearing troubles long-term.

Ultimately, it’s important to speak with your loved one’s physician prior to purchasing a PSAP to ensure the device follows the proper course of treatment for his or her hearing loss.

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