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How Seniors View Aging Can Affect Health

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Having a positive attitude about aging can actually produce a healthier state and promote healing. New studies read by leading providers of senior care in Lincoln show having a negative attitude throughout life correlates to many illnesses, but having an upbeat attitude about life correlates to overall better health and better recovery from illness and disability.

For seniors, this appears to be even more important as their attitudes about illnesses and aging can impact both length and quality of life, and the effects of stress on health conditions are well documented. A positive outlook can help seniors reduce stress levels and thereby decrease risks of many diseases or decrease the severity.

One of the key findings of recent studies is how a sense of independence and ability to remain independent longer is related to a positive outlook. It should not surprise us to realize that how we see things also affects how we experience them. If a senior expects to retain their independence, they are more likely to take the steps necessary to ensure it. Some of the most important ways seniors can promote a good and long life include:

  • Staying active physically, mentally, and socially
  • Making a point to regularly engage in enjoyable activities
  • Staying on top of health check ups because early detection makes a difference
  • Being proactive in looking after health concerns that do arise

Being hopeful about the future is proven to increase the chances of a senior having a higher quality of living, as they maintain strong family ties and other relationships, take a proactive approach to their health needs, and find meaning in life that increases their independence.

The scientific team at Home Care Assistance of Lincoln has studied the health and longevity of seniors in Okinawa, Japan to develop the Balanced Care Method. Our proprietary method was designed to help clients remain healthy and maintain purpose in life through diet, regular physical fitness, socializing, cognitive stimulation, and supporting emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

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