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Tips Every Parkinson’s Caregiver Can Benefit From

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As a leading provider of home care in Lincoln, NE, the care experts at Home Care Assistance know that taking care of a loved one who has Parkinson’s can be both physically and emotionally challenging at times. This is especially true if you are not making the time to properly care for yourself. Following are eight tips that can help caregivers avoid burnout and ensure they continue giving their aging family member the best care possible.

1. Prioritize Your Health

If you aren’t tending to your physical and emotional health, you will be in no position to tend to the needs of someone else. Maintaining good health is vital for ensuring your reliability as a caregiver.

2. Understand the Benefits Available to Your Loved One

Make a comprehensive review of your senior family member’s health insurance plan. This will help you determine which in-home and therapeutic services are accessible to him or her. Taking full advantage of all covered services will not only be extremely beneficial to your loved one, it will help balance your responsibilities.

3. Look Up Local Services for Seniors

Find out about local meal delivery services and transportation solutions for seniors. Most communities offer these programs free or at little cost. You may not need to rely on these services all of the time, but they could come in handy when your schedule prevents you from being with your loved one.

4. Hire In-Home Help

One of the toughest parts of a family caregiver’s job is balancing their own schedule and the schedule of their loved one. Hiring in-home Parkinson’s care in Lincoln to assist throughout the week is one of the best things that you can do to avoid a burnout and ensure your loved one is receiving the right amount of care.

5. Have Uncomfortable Conversations

The management of your loved one’s finances could be an uncomfortable conversation. It is important, however, for you and your loved one to make long-term legal arrangements concerning the management of finances. This is something that the two of you can discuss with an elder care attorney or financial adviser.

6. Find a Support Group

You can find local support groups and support groups that are fully functional online. These groups will give you a chance to share ideas, frustrations, and swap advice with people who are in a similar caregiving position.

If you are the primary caregiver for a senior loved one with Parkinson’s and would like to learn more about Lincoln caregivers, call Home Care Assistance at (402) 261-5158. Our friendly Care Managers can answer your questions, elaborate on services, and schedule a free in-home consultation.