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Stress Ages Us Faster

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Stress ages us faster; the Mayo Clinic tells us that’s a fact. Some doctors speculate it may even lead to some forms of dementia in the elderly. Reducing and relieving stress for a dementia patient is important for their overall health and well-being. Dementia care at home provides relief and support for the patient and their families, ultimately reducing the stress level for everyone.

Stress is a physical and mental experience, and so is the relaxation response (RR). Through RR, we use our brain to relax the body, and quiet and focus the mind. Just like any physical activity, RR takes practice, about 10-20 minutes daily. Because our reactions to stress are individual, a person should choose the right practice to generate the RR.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone recommended eating a gallon of the best ice cream, drinking your favorite libation, or watching a movie marathon to relieve stress? Sorry. These things don’t work because they don’t activate the body’s relaxation response.

To read the source article for this information and learn more about the relaxation response practice, click here.

Stress is managed by good nutrition, exercise, and seeking calm. Our Balanced Care Method™ is a wonderful way to bring whole-person wellness to seniors who need assistance. We work to restore a sense of calmness and purpose, while helping to preserve the independence, control and dignity of our clients through personalized home care for seniors.