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Should the Elderly Have Sex?

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When a senior is considering engaging in sexual intercourse, there are many physical, emotional, and mental benefits and drawbacks to think about. Though sex may be slightly more difficult for seniors, Lincoln caregivers need to understand that it can still be extremely rewarding for those who are able to have safe sexual relationships.

Pro: Encouraging Emotional Intimacy

Having happy and healthy relationships is always a good way of maintaining general wellbeing. Seniors may be able to have a more positive relationship by regularly having sex because sexual satisfaction often leads to emotional closeness and improves social and intimate connections.

Con: Physically Difficult

The facts of aging make sex somewhat more difficult. Senior women often need lubricant because vaginal walls thin with age, and senior men may require medication to maintain erections. For seniors with mobility problems or who currently have Lincoln stroke care, sex may also prove challenging, so it is important to monitor health before and after sexual activity.

Pro: Improves Fitness

During sex, the heart pumps faster and the blood flows quicker. This enhanced circulation can reduce the risk of blood clots and heart problems, which can prevent heart attacks and stroke. Sex can also act as a minor form of exercise, which can help seniors to retain flexibility and strength.

Con: Risks of Infections

In the past decade, sexually transmitted infection rates among 50 to 90 year olds have doubled. This has occurred because many seniors do not bother with condoms since they do not have to worry about unexpected pregnancies. For seniors who are having sex with new partners, it is important to know their partner’s sexual history and use protection.

Pro: Increased Happiness

Humans are naturally sexual beings who desire closeness and intimacy, and these desires do not go away with age. Being able to satisfy these desires in a safe and healthy way is a great way to promote and improve senior happiness and emotional wellbeing.

Seniors can significantly boost their emotional health and physical wellbeing by regularly engaging in sex, provided their doctors deem them physically able. You can also enhance senior wellbeing with help from Lincoln Home Care Assistance. We provide flexible at-home care that promotes senior wellness by encouraging our clients to maintain healthy diets, exercise regularly, and foster social relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. Call (402) 261-5158 to learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation today.