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How to Determine If Your Loved One Is Experiencing Elder Abuse

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Lincoln families may be surprised to learn that the nursing home or assisted living attendants that look after their senior loved ones could be a source of elder abuse. Elder abuse can occur in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or even in a senior’s own home. It’s important to know the signs of elder abuse so you can protect your senior loved one and provide him or her with the at-home care Lincoln seniors deserve.

Withdrawal from Loved Ones and Hobbies

If you notice your senior loved one is withdrawing from people he or she cares about or expresses apathy towards things he or she once enjoyed, it’s important to find out why your loved one is feeling this way. Depression, isolation, and apathy can be serious warning signs that something isn’t right with your senior loved one’s care, especially if these behaviors come on suddenly.

Lack of Personal Hygiene and Maintenance

A decrease in hygiene and overall maintenance could be a strong indicator that your loved one is enduring elder abuse. Look for signs such as incontinence, wearing dirty clothes, foul body odors, or noticeable decline in dental care that indicate passive neglect from an improperly trained or overburdened caregiver.

Unexplained Marks and Bruises

Repeated injuries are a serious warning sign, but pay attention to the explanation for injuries as well. Even if your senior loved one has never been injured before, pay special heed to the explanation of the injury and ask more than one person to verify the explanation. Look out for inconsistencies during the explanations for these injuries, such as “she fell” or “she just ran into a wall.”

Self-Comforting Techniques

If your senior loved one is exhibiting behaviors such as rocking or mumbling to him or herself, this could be a sign something is wrong. These changes are generally only normal in seniors experiencing cognitive decline as a result of dementia and should never simply come on suddenly. These sorts of self-comforting behaviors usually indicate that something serious is going on.

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