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Tips for Mitigating Guilt During Respite Care

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As a caregiver, it is not your job to be all things to your senior loved one at all times. This is actually one of the most difficult ideas for many caregivers to accept. Failing to give yourself adequate opportunity to rest and recharge could render you incapable of effectively filling the role you’ve taken on. However, many caregivers resist Lincoln respite care services because they feel guilty. In order to give your elderly family member the care that he or she deserves, here are a few practical tips to resolve any feelings of guilt.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Understanding the demands you’re under, your loved one would likely encourage you to take a break. If your loved one is still able to communicate, gently explain the situation and you will likely find him or her more concerned with your health and wellbeing than their own. Parents never stop being generous and caring, especially when it comes to their own children, and this is often the best way to reach acceptance and grant yourself permission to use these services.

Understand Your Parents Experienced the Same Ambivalence

When it comes time to choose and use babysitters, most parents are less than eager to drop their kids off with strangers. If they never did, however, they might never hold jobs, enjoy quality time with each other or effectively de-stress. Taking advantage of outside support ultimately makes parents more effective in their roles. All of these things are also true for you. Choosing a Lincoln elder care agency and using it will help you avoid caregiver resentment and give you a greater appreciation for the time that you have with your loved one.

Focus on Quality Not Quantity

It is important for caregivers to consider the vast differences between the quantity of time they spend with their senior family members and the quality of time spent. If you make it your first priority to be available to this person at all times and your second priority to ensure that you are in proper mental and physical form for your caregiver duties, you’ll likely end up stressed, frustrated, and burned out. Taking a brief respite from this role will make it easier for you to maintain a calm, controlled disposition and a positive mindset.

Consider Longevity

You have to think about how long you’ll be able to effectively hold this role if you never give yourself permission to seek outside help. Not only does caregiving take an emotional toll on people, but it can also have a negative impact on physical health. This is especially true when caregivers fail to lead balanced lives and to prioritize their own needs and wellbeing. Your willingness to use respite care when you need it will give you a greater opportunity to continue offering an optimal level of support to your loved one throughout the years.

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