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Reiki and Crystal Therapy Explained

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As a leading provider of hourly and live-in care in Lincoln, we’re always looking for new information to share with our clients about health and wellness. This month, we came across a unique therapy that can help promote quality of life for seniors and older adults, and we wanted to share a bit of what we learned!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice that has been used for centuries to promote relaxation and natural healing. Today, those who are interested in a holistic approach to health have begun to explore the benefits that Reiki healing sessions can have for their physical and mental well-being. In addition to being safe for people of all ages, Reiki and crystal therapy can be used along with other medical treatments to promote pain relief and healing for a variety of health conditions.

A Typical Reiki Session

The practice of Reiki recognizes that energies within a person’s body can be balanced using a life force energy that is applied by the laying of a practitioner’s hands on strategic points on the recipient’s body. During a Reiki session, the recipient will be instructed to lay down on a bed or table while wearing comfortable clothing. To promote a relaxing atmosphere, the lights in the room may be dimmed and the practitioner may encourage silence. The practitioner will then place or hover their hands over specific areas of the recipient’s body before moving on to the next area in an effort to rebalance the subtle energies that affect well-being and promote healing.

The Application of Crystals

Although Reiki can be administered using only the practitioner’s hands, many find that the application of crystals enhances the effects of the therapy. Many types of crystals such as quartz, granite and obsidian, resonate with frequencies that align with our life energies. When used during a Reiki session, the crystals may be placed in alignment with the chakras, or the practitioner may scan the recipient’s body to identify where they are needed.

Effectiveness of Reiki and Crystal Therapy

Reiki and crystal therapy is unique to the treatment of health conditions because it requires no invasive procedures or medication to be administered. This has posed a challenge to researchers who have been unable to prove or disprove the effectiveness of the treatment. However, those who have undergone Reiki therapy often report that they have experienced greater pain relief along with relaxation in the face of their health conditions. Additionally, the balancing of one’s energy during Reiki sessions has been associated with improved healing and overall well-being.

Due to the zero to low risk for side effects and the positive benefits that have been reported by recipients, many local hospitals, Lincoln home health care providers and families, have begun to utilize the Reiki technique in their elderly loved one’s treatment plans to provide a holistic health approach that offers substantial benefits.