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Quilting Becomes More Popular with Every Stitch

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According to a recent Quilting in America Survey, there are more than 20 million active quilters in the United States, collectively spending more than $2.27 billion a year on their passion for patchwork! While it is clear that people of all ages love to quilt, At Lincoln Home Care Assistance we believe quilting is an especially wonderful activity for senior adults.

Research has shown that quilting provides a variety of health benefits to seniors. The fun activity is a creative process, requiring seniors to design new patterns and incorporate various shapes. As a result, quilting acts as a problem solving activity and provides a great mental workout for senior brains. Additionally, because of the calming nature of the activity, quilting has also been shown to lower blood pressure and stress.

In Lincoln, there are a variety of quilt shops that accommodate senior quilters of all skill levels. Filled with fabrics, supplies, patterns and books, all of the resources needed to help seniors learn and enjoy quilt making are readily available. A few of our favorite quilting stores are the Calico House, popular for its variety of retro and quality fabrics and the Quilted Kitty, a local arts and crafts shop that offers monthly projects, clubs, retreats and classes. Sign up to quilt on your own or bring a friend to enjoy the experience with you. Quilting is usually done in groups and is considered a social activity, making it a great way for seniors to interact with others and meet new friends.

For quilting inspiration, we are fortunate enough to have the International Quilt Center Study and Library located at the University of Lincoln-Nebraska. Head over with friends, family or a Lincoln caregiver and check out their world-class collection of awe inspiring quilts and their carefully currated exhibitions. Tours, events and classes are also available throughout the year, great for seniors looking to perfect their needlework skills or to simply learn more about quilting.

At Home Care Assistance Lincoln, we know that in order to live long and healthy lives, it is important for seniors to keep their minds sharp, maintain social ties and cultivate calmness and purpose. That’s why it’s no surprise that we encourage all of our Lincoln in-home care clients to give quilt making a try!