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Getting Proper Nutrition during the Holidays

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During the holidays, it can be challenging to maintain your plan for healthy eating. This is especially true for senior adults who may be struggling with health conditions that require special diets or who worry about getting the proper nutrition needed to stay healthy. Fortunately, there are many ways to make sure you can enjoy your holiday meals while still staying within your dietary guidelines.

Plan Ahead

If possible, try to find out what will be on the menu when attending a holiday dinner. This will help you to plan the rest of the day’s meals according to what you will be eating later. For example, fruit and a bowl of whole-grain cereal for breakfast would be a good match if meat is the main course for dinner. Additionally, those who are on restricted diets may request to bring a dish to share such as a sugar-free dessert.

Avoid Skipping Meals

For senior adults, the holidays are a busy time that can lead to exhaustion. However, skipping meals can not only make it harder to pass up tempting holiday treats, but it can also have a negative impact on your health. If you know that preparing a meal may be too much, consider getting help with meal preparation from an in-home caregiver who understands how to plan a meal according to your special diet.

Eat Slowly and Enjoy

When enjoying a special meal with your family and friends, be sure to slow down and enjoy the delicious flavors. Choose foods that are soft and easy to chew so that you can spend your time participating in the conversations around your table. Make sure to take small portions of only your favorite foods so that you are not tempted to overindulge. By making an effort to slow down, you will eat less while feeling fuller.

With some careful planning, staying within your dietary guidelines is possible even when you are enjoying a holiday meal! And by planning your daily meals with holiday indulgences in mind, you will be able to ensure that you still get the proper nutrition you need to stay healthy while spending time with your loved ones this season.

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