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Thanksgiving Traditions to Enjoy with Your Senior Loved One

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Although times have changed, Thanksgiving remains a time-honored tradition that calls families together. Lincoln, NE, senior care providers understand that although families have their own traditions, seniors benefit from trying something new. This gives you the perfect opportunity to create new family traditions like the ones below.

Eat a Thanksgiving Breakfast

Since seniors are usually more alert in the morning, Lincoln, NE, home caregivers might consider serving a Thanksgiving breakfast or brunch instead of a large meal later in the day. Whatever meal you choose to make, keep your loved one’s dietary needs in mind. You can even incorporate turkey in this meal by using turkey bacon. If you have several people that you are cooking for, then this allows everyone to get to visit your loved one without feeling guilty that they missed Thanksgiving at his or her house. 

Plan a Month-Long Celebration

Instead of trying to cram all the favorite Thanksgiving foods into one meal, cook everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving foods throughout the month of November. For instance, you can start with turkey at the beginning of the month and end with pumpkin and apple pie. This way, everyone can take time to savor each food and stretch out the holiday. It also gives your family a reason to be thankful each and every day.

Hold a Coloring Contest

Take the focus off the food entirely by hosting a coloring contest. This works especially well for families who will be having many different age groups over for the holidays because everyone loves to color. Simply print out a page from the Internet and let everyone color their own pictures as they share stories. Then when the contest is done, hand out prizes for everyone. Save the pictures in a special book and give them to your senior loved one. He or she will enjoy looking at the pictures that everyone colored throughout the year.

There are so many different ways that you can celebrate Thanksgiving. By creating new traditions with your senior loved one, he or she gets the opportunity to strengthen family bonds and make memories. You can further your loved one’s emotional wellbeing by calling Home Care Assistance at (402) 261-5158 today. In addition to boosting physical and emotional wellbeing in the comfort of your loved one’s home, we provide specialized Alzheimer’s, dementia and post-stroke care Lincoln, NE, families can trust. Let us customize a unique care plan for your loved one today when you call.