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Easy Ways Seniors Can Make New Friends

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Friendships are important during all stages of life, including the senior years. However, as we age, it can be difficult to build and maintain friendships for a variety of reasons. The Lincoln senior home care experts at Home Care Assistance offer the following suggestions for helping your senior loved one make new friends.

Get a Library Card

Many libraries offer a variety of free events and clubs. For example, some libraries ask for volunteers to listen to children read, or to read to children during appointed story times. There are also book clubs, knitting clubs, movie previews, and similar events. It is a great way to meet people with similar interests, or even make friends with people from another generation.

Attend Church

If your senior loved one is religious, many churches offer prayer meetings, social events, and even exercise classes geared toward individuals of certain genders, age groups, or interests. For seniors who move to be closer to or live with adult children, this is a great way to establish a sense of belonging within the community as well.

Visit a Senior Citizen Center

Many senior citizen centers have regular hours and events where seniors can meet other seniors from the area, play games, exercise, or just hang out. Sometimes these centers even provide free transportation to those that live within a designated radius. Look into the senior center near you for more information.

Join a Club

There are plenty of clubs, so find one that is well suited for your senior loved one’s interests whether it’s a cooking club, gardening club, or photography club. You can also look online for local meet-up groups throughout the week.

Pursue Education

Enroll your loved one in a class. Maybe her or she has always wanted to learn a new language, or perhaps they have an inner artist waiting to be released. Fees at community college are usually pretty cheap, and some offer discounted tuition for seniors. Classes also offer plenty of interaction with people from various ages and places.

Friendships are important to help seniors stave off feelings of loneliness and depression, and enforce a sense of belonging. Your senior loved one could also benefit from a live-in or part-time caregiver in Lincoln who can provide transportation to and from social events and provide companionship on a regular basis. Home Care Assistance caregivers can also assist with grocery shopping, cooking, housework, medication reminders, and bathing. Call (402) 261-5158 to speak with a friendly Care Manager today.