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How Nebraska is Ranking in the U.S. for Long-Term Care

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Every year AARP, The Commonwealth Fund and The Scan Foundation release The Long-Term Scorecard to measure how every state is doing in regards to long-term services and supports for senior and disabled adults. A state’s performance is evaluated based on 26 data indicators and five dimensions including:

  1. Affordability and access
  2. Choice of setting and provider
  3. Quality of care and quality of life
  4. Support for family caregivers
  5. Effective transitions

Performance is also evaluated based on comparisons to previous years for 19 of the 26 data indicators.

Senior Care providers in Kansas City were pleased to find that Nebraska performed very well in a few data indicators on its Long-Term Scorecard for 2014. Nebraska tied with several other states for 1stplace in the amount of health maintenance tasks nurses are able to delegate to caregivers. Allowing nurses to delegate these tasks to live-in caregivers in Nebraskareduces the burden placed on family caregivers. The state of Nebraska allows for 16 out of 16 possible tasks to be delegated.

Here are some of the other rankings where Nebraska excelled, placing within the top 10 in the U.S.:

  • 3rdfor the number of disabled adults living in the community who are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their lives.
  • 4thfor the lowest percentage of adults in nursing homes with pressure sores.
  • 4thfor the number of disabled adults living in the community “usually” or “always” getting the support they need.
  • 5thfor the number of private long-term care policies in effect per 1,000 adults over age 40.
  • 7thfor the number of assisted living and residential facilities per 1,000 adults over age 65.
  • 10th for quality of care and quality of life.

Overall, Nebraska ranked 20th on its Long-Term Scorecard. Nebraska was ranked 37th for affordability and access, 25th for choice of setting and provider, 18th for support for family caregivers, and 25th for effective transitions.

The caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Kansas City, a premier provider of in-home senior care in Nebraska, work hard to ensure that senior adults in Kansas City are able to live happy, healthy and safe lives within the comfort of their home. For peace of mind, enhanced quality of life and conscientiouscare, contact the trained professionals at 913-663-5000.