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How to Reduce Stress Levels in Elders

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If you notice that you are experiencing the following feelings or circumstances, your stress levels may be too high. It is important for elders to maintain a peaceful and balanced life. Therefore, Home Care Assistance’s in home caregivers can implement to these stress reducers to help Lincoln elders live a better quality of life.

1. Frequently late – Estimate time better and get more organized.
2. Often angry or irritated – This mind set interferes with clear thinking, and makes it unpleasant and difficult for others to work or socialize with you. Try mediation or other calming pursuits.
3. Unsure of ability – Ask questions or ask for help. Dig deep to find out if you truly are unprepared.
4. Overextended – Reduce expectations, and allow others to help you in their own way.
5. Not enough time – may be a sign that you come last in your life. Schedule time for self to relax and play.
6. Feeling tense and anxious– It may be time for therapy. Panic attacks are the easiest things to fix in counseling sessions.
7. Often pessimistic – could be a result of negative self-talk. Change your approach to life.
8. Upset by conflicts – Learn better social techniques such as active listening, positive regard and win-win negotiation.

Based on an article by Tina Tessina, at DivineCaroline.

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