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How to Reduce Caregiver Stress

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More than 65 million people are senior caregivers today, with about 70% working outside the home in addition to their caregiving role. Naturally, a key source of stress is the lack of time available to fulfill all daily demands. Time constraints can often lead to stress. If you are currently feeling overwhelmed, here are some tips to accomplish what needs to be done:

• Develop a schedule. Plan how much time to dedicate to a project each day.
• Have realistic goals.
• Approach your tasks systematically.
• Ask for help if overwhelmed.
• Establish priorities.
• Take a break when needed.

Often times, people try to avoid time pressure by creatively wasting it. Time wasting can magnify the stress we feel; it may look like these behaviors:

• Time juggling: Take on too many tasks and then are unable to complete everything.
• Workaholism: Spend hours working, ignore time-saving techniques, and end up working longer than necessary.
• Perfectionism: Devote hours to making something perfect. This often takes away from your sense of accomplishment since nothing is ever acceptable.
• Procrastination: Increase your own stress by consistently leaving your work to the last minute. This often means a poor end result, amplifying stress.
• Yes-ism: Unable to say no, you often overbook yourself, due to fear of disappointing others.

Sometimes the best way to help yourself is to relieve the pressure on your schedule. We can help you with as few as 3 hours a day or as much as 24 hours a day, every day.

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