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4 Eye Exercises Seniors Can Use to Prevent Vision Loss

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Not unlike other muscles, eye muscles often weaken with age. Various eye exercises can help strengthen the muscles and nerves, which can significantly improve focus and eye movement. In addition to strengthening your loved one’s optical muscles, these exercises stimulate the vision center of the brain. Here are four useful eye exercises Lincoln respite caregivers can try with their senior loved ones.

1. Muscle Flexes

Try this warm-up exercise with your loved one. As many people often spend hours gazing at distances of two feet or less while looking at smartphones or PC screen, flexing gives the eyes a chance to focus on distant objects. Start by looking straight ahead. Move the eyes as far upward as possible and look at the ceiling. Now move eyes downward and look at the floor. Switch your gaze from the bottom left up to the top right. Alternate by looking from the top left to the bottom right. 

2. Relaxing Palming

Have the two of you cup a warm hand over each eye and gently press on the bones of the eye sockets. Close your eyes and stare into the darkness. Practice looking into the blackness as if you are staring into space. This exercise reboots vision by allowing your eyes to relax and lubricate. Continue the exercise for a minimum of 30 seconds.

3. Focus Drill

If your loved one wears glasses, he or she will need to remove them. Together, hold your thumbs close to your face and focus both eyes on the digits. Extend your thumb to arm’s length in front of you. Focus on the thumb then avert your gaze to something across the house or outside. Gaze at each distance for one or two seconds. Repeat the process up to five times. 

4. Zooming In

This exercise is similar to the focus drill. However, it was specifically designed for older people who are farsighted. Begin by holding your thumb, a pencil or other object at arm’s length. Now, bring the object to within three inches of your nose while continuing to concentrate your gaze on the object the entire time. Move your finger or object back to arm’s length. Repeat the exercise five times for optimal results.

Eye health is important for senior wellbeing, which is why we recommend performing these exercises with your loved one every day. Learn more about senior health by calling Home Care Assistance in Lincoln, NE, at (402) 261-5158 today. In addition to helping seniors perform daily exercises, our highly trained caregivers help your loved one adopt other healthy lifestyle habits to boost his or her emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. Schedule a complimentary consultation today and learn why Home Care Assistance is the leading choice in home care.