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How to Effectively Communicate with Your Aging Loved One

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As your loved one begins to age, you may need to adapt and change your communication style to suit their varying needs. By effectively communicating with your loved one, you can form a stronger, more meaningful relationship, and can also use these conversations as a way to monitor their health and happiness. The following are a few tips from Home Care Assistance Lincoln for effective communication.

Patience is on the top of the list. As someone grows older, their hearing and sight likely isn’t as sharp as it used to be. This means you must be patient in your communication. You might need to repeat things multiple times and perhaps speak slightly louder while engaging in eye contact. Nevertheless, allow this to be a time for you and your loved one to share in joy, grief, nostalgia, or even confusion. Allowing older adults to openly express emotions like sadness can help avoid more serious problems, such as depression and social withdrawal.

Our compassionate Lincoln caregivers have found that it is also helpful to be respectful of morals, traditions, and beliefs held by the senior. Give your loved one the space to open up and talk about these values and the stories that they hold dear to their hearts. Even if you don’t agree, you can simply be a listening ear.

Lastly, take note of when your loved one becomes tired. This might be the time to gracefully end the conversation. You can always make sure they know the discussion can continue in the future.  Although you may not realize it, you are not only leaving the door open for conversations about past memories and stories, but also for more serious issues in the future.

After working with countless seniors and families in Nebraska, we have become a trusted source for at-home care in Lincoln. We are committed to helping seniors maintain a well-balanced life through our holistic approach to care. For more tips for effective communication or information about Home Care Assistance, contact a Care Manager today at 402-261-5158.