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A High Quality Life Is Essential For Brain Health

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The 25 Year-Old Brain In The 60+ Body

A simple guide to brain health.

Sure, the Alzheimer’s statistics are scary-12% of seniors are living with it. We certainly hear more about it in media, such as the recent movie, “Still Alice,” about a woman with Early Onset Alzheimer’s.

The truth is, not everyone will get Alzheimer’s. Even so, there is no silver bullet for the disease yet, so doing all you can to age-proof your grey brain cells makes sense.

Give all these a try, or pick your favorites to adopt*:

  • You gotta have friends: a rich social life drawing on different areas of your life gives mental and emotional support.
Alzheimer's Prevention: MIND Diet
Alzheimer’s Prevention: Spinach, Blueberries, Salmon, and Red Wine.
  • Go (leafy) green. Eating the MIND diet is the way to go; you’ll be eating 6 servings of spinach or other leafy greens a week.
  • Be a spicy mama, or daddy. Cognitive researchers found people who eat curry and other spicy foods have higher cognitive scores.
  • Run for your life, eh, I mean brain. Neuropsychologists repeat this like a broken record: the number one thing you can do for brain health is to exercise.
  • Real men and women pump iron because weight training improves cognitive function.
  • Vitamin B12 is crucial for your neurological cell health. See Doc about a supplement; even when you do your best to eat a healthy, varied diet, sometimes medications can reduce nutrient absorption.
  • A personal mission you actively pursue keeps you sharper for longer.
  • Get a mantra. Mindfulness meditation is a verified way to reduce mental stress.
  • Break the bad habits. Your body is a system; diabetes, hypertension, and obesity strain the main drivers of your system: your heart and your brain. Doctors say avoiding diabetes can delay the onset of dementia by years.
Learn and keep your brain helalthy!
Your brain wants to learn your whole life long. Help.


  • Keep learning to stay sharp. Your healthy brain has the capability to continue learning your whole life long. You always wanted to learn to play bridge, right?

Take the best possible care of yourself to give your brain it’s best shot at healthy longevity.


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