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Lincoln Elder Care Promotes Healthy Living

Lincoln Elder Care Promotes Healthy Living

Independently living senior adults face new challenges associated with aging each day.  A variety of physical and mental changes can negatively alter daily routines and dramatically affect overall health.  For concerned children, being able to provide care and assistance to your aging parent on a twenty four hour basis is almost near impossible.  Lincoln elder care is a solution that provides quality care and assistance to your loved one when you are unable to.  Our reliable caregivers help prevent your loved one from participating in any of the following poor eating routines.

Adult seniors who have lived independently for a significant amount of time often become accustomed to poor dietary habits.  For some, preparing and cooking an entire meal for one person is too much hassle.  As a substitute for fresh, healthy ingredients, they turn to quick, processed alternatives that ultimately negatively affect their overall health.  Even worse, some seniors skip the meal all together, feeling the processes of cooking for one has become too complicated and bothersome.

In other situations, your aging parent or loved one may be suffering from an age related physical or mental disability.  As seniors age, it becomes difficult to reach certain areas of the kitchen and they strain in order to reach high counters, cabinets or other kitchen appliances such as the oven.  The physical limitations of their body may force them to become uninterested in cooking a meal.  Additionally, mental illness or memory loss can result in seniors simply forgetting to eat meals or cause them to overeat due to the fact they are unable to remember which meals they’ve had.

For seniors who no longer have the ability to drive, grocery shopping may be an activity that they no longer perform or perform minimally.  If your elderly loved one walks or takes public transportation to get to the grocery store, the task may become a journey that is too strenuous to complete.  If you or other family members and friends provide transportation, it may not be often enough resulting in a lack of fresh or nutritious food to prepare.

To ensure your loved one maintains proper and healthy eating routines, concerned children should enlist the services of Lincoln home care.  Our caregivers prepare healthy meals for your loved one, makes sure no meal times are skipped and offer transportation to the grocery store. We also put our caregivers through an extensive learning process where they become knowledgeable on healthy eating habits, specifically for older adults.  They will not only be able to provide a balanced meal for your loved one, but also education and positive habits they can implement on their own.  In addition to diet assistance, our caregivers assist with activities of daily living including light housekeeping and personal care such as bathing, grooming and dressing.

For your loved one living independently, our caregivers also provide companionship combating loneliness and depression.  Whether hourly assistance with activities of daily living such as cooking is needed or a Lincoln live-in caregiver is required for full time monitoring, our flexible care plans provide quality assistance to promote a healthier happier way of life.

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