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Why Seniors Should Switch from Sugar to Stevia

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Sugar may be tasty, but unfortunately, it can be bad news for seniors with health problems like obesity or diabetes. Stevia is a relatively new sugar substitute that is becoming more common. Unlike aspartame, which is a chemical-derived sweetener that can cause other health problems, Stevia is a natural plant-based and calorie-free sweetener with several health benefits Lincoln home care providers support.

Lowers Blood Pressure

The Stevia plant has certain properties that regulate both blood pressure and heart rate. According to a study by KC Maki for the Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal, Stevia helps to lower high blood pressure without lowering blood pressure for seniors with normal levels. This means that seniors with both low and high blood pressure can safely consume Stevia.

Encourages Weight Loss

Sugar is often one of the big obstacles of weight loss because it is high in calories and the body naturally craves it. Treats made with Stevia can satisfy your elderly loved one’s sweet tooth while still helping them lose weight because it is calorie free. Some research by Stephen Anton for the journal Appetite even finds that Stevia can help to prevent hunger cravings while dieting. 

Eases Digestion

Stevia is normally used as a concentrated liquid or powder that can sweeten foods and beverages. When the leaves of the plant are made into a tea, they help improve digestion, ease upset stomachs, cramps, and discomfort after eating food. Seniors who have trouble eating enough food due to digestive issues may particularly benefit from a Stevia tea.

Promotes Healthy Teeth

Seniors may already have dental implants, which is why it is crucial to maintain healthy oral hygiene. Sugar may cause cavities, but Stevia does not. A study from the Hiroshima School of Dentistry found that Stevia’s antibacterial properties actually reduce the likelihood of seniors developing cavities.

As seniors age, they may have trouble maintaining a healthy diet, buying the right foods, or monitoring their sugar intake. To help your loved one eat right and stay healthy, turn to Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s home care for seniors in Lincoln that strives to help seniors with activities of daily living. Our highly trained caregivers will help your loved one with grocery shopping, nutritious meal preparation, and other daily activities in the comfort of home.  Schedule a free consultation today by calling (402) 261-5158 and speaking with an experienced Care Manager.