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Clever Halloween Costumes to Make with Your Senior Parent

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With some creative ideas from Lincoln home care providers, you might not have to invest much time or money when making your own Halloween costumes. Seniors will enjoy spending with their loved ones and admire the finished results.

Life-Sized Legos

Find a box large enough to cover your senior loved one’s torso. Cut out holes for his or her arms and head. Attach foam or lightweight plastic bowls to the front and paint the entire creation in the color of your choice. Select a color that matches your senior loved one’s hooded sweatshirt. 


Find a large, clear garbage bag. Cut a hole in the bottom large enough to fit over your loved one but keep the bag snug around the hips. Be sure to also cut holes for the arms. Fill the bag with a variety of small, colorful inflated balloons and create your own jellybean bag label to stick on the outside. 

Giant Jellyfish

Start with a white or clear umbrella. Attach ribbons, strips of fabric or string ropes from the umbrella edges to create the legs. Make sure the legs extend to almost the height of your senior loved one. Make sure your senior loved one wears white or black clothes underneath. 

Turtle Power

Turn your senior loved one into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle by getting a green leotard. Create the half shell by painting a round or ovular aluminum roasting pan green. Attach the shell using a wide strip of contrasting brown-colored fabric. Use a bright-colored fabric strip to make the turtle mask and matching armbands. 


Over a black sweat suit, create the outline of a skeleton using white or glow-in-the-dark masking tape. Make a matching ghoulish face using black, white and gray face paint. 

Duck Dynasty

Let your senior loved one don camouflage sweats or slacks and a matching jacket. Get a frizzy wig and fake beard to give him or her a more country look. Finish off the costume with boots and a baseball cap.

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