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Preparing Seniors for Emergency Situations

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While everyone should have an emergency preparedness plan, particularly in areas prone to natural disasters, seniors in particular can benefit from planning for emergencies. Some elderly people live alone or far from family, while others have limited capabilities. As a caregiver, you can help protect your loved one with the following tips suggested by the experts at Lincoln Home Care Assistance.

Assess the Risks

The first step is assessing the risks in your area, whether your region is prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, or other types of disasters. Each emergency situation requires a different plan of action, so review safety protocol for different scenarios. For example, make sure your loved one knows not to drive in a flood or walk through moving water.

Make the Home Safe

The home itself should be as prepared as possible for various emergency situations. Make sure your loved one won’t have any hazards in the home if he or she needs to evacuate. Add security lights to each room that light up automatically in the event of a power outage to prevent your senior family member from tripping or falling.

Create a Plan

Formulate an emergency plan with your loved one and make a record of important contact information, health conditions, health insurance information, Social Security information, medications, and other important details that can be reached easily.

Set Up a Support Network

Make sure your loved one has several people to call for help. At least three people, including neighbors, family members, friends, doctors, and organizations, should understand your loved one’s needs and limitations in emergency situations.

Prepare a Kit

Finally, make sure your loved one has enough food and water to last three to five days in case of emergency. This kit should include a ten-day supply of medication, additional hearing aids and glasses, hard copies of important documents, and a spare set of keys. This kit should be easy to find and access in the event of a speedy evacuation.

Creating an emergency preparedness plan is a great start, but if you feel it’s not enough, turn to the dedicated staff at Home Care Assistance. As a reliable provider of part-time care in Lincoln, we offer the support seniors need when they need it most, ensuring they maintain a high-quality life regardless of the circumstances. To learn more, call 402-261-5158 and speak with a friendly Care Manager.