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6 Thrill-Seeking Seniors Over 65

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While not every senior is physically fit, Lincoln in-home care providers know that there are some elderly individuals that break the mold. The following six thrill-seeking seniors over 65 prove that age is just a number.

1. Millie Sullens

Born in 1926, Sullens is a water skier from Oklahoma who still gets pulled on skis by the same boat she bought in the ‘60s. Even more impressive, she does slalom skiing, which is a style of skiing that is performed on one ski instead of two. When she isn’t water skiing, she spends Friday nights at her local American Legion line dancing to country music. 

2. Ernie Smith

Smith is an active 98-year-old pilot from Iowa who has been flying airplanes since he was 20. He got his pilot’s license when he was only 26 years old. Smith also still has his driver’s license and gets around town in his own vehicle. In his younger days, he built B-29s and later had a career as a truck driver. 

3. Madonna Buder

Born in 1930, Buder is a triathlon-running nun who was recently featured in a Nike’s ad showing off her remarkable athletic abilities. This senior dynamo has finished 45 Ironman triathlons, which has earned her the nickname “Iron Nun.” The reason Buder first began training at the age of 48 was because she wanted to improve her mind, body and spirit. 

4. Yuichiro Miura

Miura is an 83-year-old Japanese mountain climber who has conquered Mount Everest three times at the ages of 70, 75 and 80. Despite coming close to dying, he vows this won’t be his last record-breaking climb. He is planning to launch an impressive fourth effort to climb Mount Everest when he is 90. 

5. Tan Kok Sing

Born in 1926, Sing leapt out of a plane with his family and into the record books on his 90th birthday. This dive earned him the title of the oldest skydiver in Singapore. Sing went on his first skydiving adventure in 1996 at the age of 71 in Australia. Along with skydiving, Sing also loves to jog and go whitewater rafting. 

6. Dilys Price

Born in 1934, this skydiving retired teacher from Wales made the record books as the oldest female skydiver. At the age of 54, Price began skydiving and has jumped over 1,100 times. From her very first tandem jump with an instructor strapped to her back, she was hooked and finally found her passion in life.

These thrilling activities aren’t suitable for every senior, but physical exercise and activities are essential for overall wellbeing. Home Care Assistance provides unique services for seniors including live-in and hourly post-stroke care in Lincoln. These services are structured to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and to boost senior longevity. Learn more about our comprehensive services when you call (402) 261-5158 to speak to a friendly Care Manager today.