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Winter-Themed Crafts to Make with Your Senior Loved One

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While many seniors may not be able to go outside and make a snowman this winter, making winter-themed crafts with Lincoln live-in home caregivers can be a lot of fun for seniors. These crafts brighten long winter days, especially when you join in the fun.

Snowman Wall Hangings

Creating a snowman wall hanging using artist canvas board is incredibly simple. Start by creating a snowman out of lightweight cardboard. Tape the snowman to the canvas board. Now, stand back away from the board and spray it with spray paint. Once the paint dries, remove the cardboard template and add details to your snowman using a permanent marker. Finally, glue on two small sticks to serve as your snowman’s arms.

Snowman Wreath

Lincoln home caregivers can make a cute snowman wreath using three simple grapevine wreaths. Start by using wire to connect the three wreaths together. Then, spray paint them white. Now, use fishing line to dangle some buttons down the middle of the second wreath giving the illusion of clothing. Attach two black buttons in the middle of the top wreath for the snowman’s eyes using more fishing line. Finally, cut a hat out of felt and attach to the top wreath with hot glue.

Snowman Tree

Start by wiping an old light bulb down with rubbing alcohol. Paint the light bulb white with acrylic paint. Cut off the top of a child’s sock and use it fashion the snowman a hat that fits over the socket part of the light bulb. Stuff it with tissue and sew the top shut You can turn over the edge to create a rim or add some decorative ribbon. Now, cut part of the sock to fashion the snowman a muff that simply glues to the front of the light bulb. Attach squiggly eyes. Give your snowman some buttons down his front. Use a scrap piece of ribbon to create a scarf. Now, make some more snowmen. Once you have several, insert a tree branch into an old tin can holding it in place with some sand or beans. Finally, attach the snowmen to the tree branch with fishing line.

Large Snowman

Many seniors may enjoy making a large snowman out of a white trash bag. Simply stuff the bag with old newspapers. Tie fishing line around the snowman to give the illusion of three balls. Now, use some black felt to give the snowman some eyes, buttons, and a mouth. Roll a piece of orange felt to be the snowman’s nose. Finish by adding an old toboggan to the top of the snowman to be his hat stuffing it with newspaper if needed.

While creating snowman crafts is a fun way for seniors to pass a winter day, they will enjoy it even more when they craft with you. Learn more about festive crafts to make with your loved one this winter and how it benefits their emotional wellbeing by calling Lincoln Home Care Assistance at (402) 261-5158 today. Our highly trained caregivers work around the clock to help seniors maintain emotional and mental wellbeing from the convenience of home. Let us customize a unique care plan when you call today.