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How to Choose the Best Doctor for Your Aging Loved One

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Getting care for an elderly loved one is probably not something you take lightly. You want to make sure their physician is highly qualified in geriatric care but also very personable and communicative. Here are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing a physician for your aging parent or loved one.

Different Types of Physicians

There are different kinds of doctors based on the different needs your loved one may have. Usually a qualified geriatrician will have the most expertise in knowing how to care for elderly adults. You can also seek out disease specialists, holistic health practitioners and general care physicians.

Having A Consultation with the Physician

Just as you should schedule a free consultation before choosing senior home care in Lincoln, you should also arrange a phone or in-person meeting with a potential physician before agreeing to make them your loved one’s primary care provider. This gives you ample opportunity to ask the doctor important questions such as how much experience they have working with the elderly, how often they are available by phone if you need to call them, and what kind of treatment programs they have for your loved one’s special needs.

Visiting The Doctor’s Office

It’s also very important that you arrange an in-person visit with your loved one. When at the office, you will want to get an idea of how comfortable your loved one is in various atmospheres such as the waiting room and in the exam room. How comfortable are they talking to the doctor? You will want to note whether or not the doctor responds to questions with straight answers and if you’re unsure of a treatment they’ re prescribing, you may wish to consult more than one authoritative medical source on the issue.

Making sure that your aging parent is part of this process is very important. Their levels of comfort when meeting with their doctor may determine how willing they are to mention new and potentially dangerous symptoms they’re experiencing. If your aging loved one dreads seeing their doctor, they may neglect to inform you of new ailments, aches and pains. This, however, is one reason to get the help of a 24/7 live-in Lincoln caregiver from Home Care Assistance. Not only can a 24/7 caregiver help with daily tasks, but they also serve as the eyes and ears for physicians and family members, alerting them of possible health concerns and changes in behavior or sleeping patterns.

For more information on how a Lincoln caregiver can help monitor your aging loved one’s health, call Home Care Assistance today at 402-261-5158. We’d be happy to schedule a free phone or home consultation to answer all of your questions.